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2021 Chevy Spark vs. 2020 Chevy Sonic


2021 Chevy Spark


2020 Chevy Sonic
$13,600 MSRP

Starting Price (New)

$16,720 MSRP
33 mpg in combined settings

Fuel Economy

29 mpg in combined settings
98 hp with a 1.4L i4


138-hp with a 1.4L i4

Seating Capacity

27.2 cubic feet

Maximum Cargo Space

14.9 cubic feet
143.1 inches

Exterior Length

173.9 inches

2020 was the last year of production for the Chevy Sonic, but drivers who are comparing new and like-new vehicles can still get a lot of mileage out of a comprehensive Chevy Spark vs. Chevy Sonic comparison. Although both of these models are subcompacts, the Spark provides better fuel economy and more versatile cabin storage solutions. The Sonic, on the other hand, offers more horsepower and more room for passengers. Take a closer look with Bob Steele Chevrolet, Inc.!

Spark vs. Sonic: Dimensions & Body Style

Although the two models might look similar on the surface, the new Chevy Spark is a subcompact hatchback and the Chevy Sonic is a subcompact sedan. This basic distinction underlies each of the following differences between the two models.

  • Cargo Space: The Sonic can hold 14.9 cubic feet of cargo when all seats are in their upright positions, which is more than the Spark can hold under the same conditions. However, the seats in the Spark can fold completely flat to create up to 27.2 cubic feet of storage space.
  • Seating Capacity: The larger Sonic can accommodate up to five passengers, while the Chevy Spark seats four passengers. These two models offer 90 cubic feet and 83 cubic feet of passenger space, respectively.
  • Interior Dimensions: Whether you’re looking at headroom, legroom, shoulder room, or hip room, the Sonic gives you more space than the Spark. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the Sonic is nearly 30 inches longer from end to end.

Spark vs. Sonic: Performance & Fuel Economy

Drivers who compare the Spark and the Sonic will need to consider a classic trade-off. Ask yourself what matters most to you: power or fuel economy? If you’d like a little bit more passing power on %%targte_city_3%% highways, take a closer look at the Sonic! If you want to maximize your mileage, the Spark is probably a better fit:

Fuel Economy

  • Chevy Spark: Up to 29 mpg city, 38 mpg highway, and 33 mpg in combined settings
  • Chevy Sonic: Up to 26 mpg city, 34 mpg highway, and 29 mpg in combined settings

Engine & Transmission

  • Chevy Spark: 1.4-liter inline-4 engine with 98 hp and 94 lb-ft of torque
  • Chevy Sonic: Turbocharged 1.4-liter inline-4 engine with 138 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque

Spark vs. Sonic: Pricing

The 2021 Chevy Spark starts at $13,600 MSRP, and this fact has traditionally given it an edge over the Sonic. The last new Sonic started at $16,720 MSRP, but today, Palm Bay and Merritt Island drivers may find that the two models can be had in exchange for very similar monthly payments.

Shop for Your New Subcompact at Bob Steele Chevrolet, Inc.!

Whether you’re hoping to buy a new Chevy Spark or you think you might prefer a pre-owned Chevy Sonic, we’d love to help you take the next steps! Trade in your old vehicle and start a new adventure today.


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